Get Healthy Inside and Out with Bourjois and Kcal

When your favourite makeup brand goes that extra mile, you know you are in good hands. Bourjois has been one of my favourites since when I was a kid! My mum used it and now I do too! So When Bourjois launched a campaign for a healthy glow, Inside and Out, it felt real good!

So here’s what they have in store for us;

The new anti-fatigue formula of Healthy Mix foundation contains a combination of Vitamins C, E and B5, helping your complexion look healthy and radiant!

Kcal’s unique recipe for The Bourjois Healthy Mix fresh pink juice is based on the same vitamins as the foundation for you to be & feel healthy inside and out!


Savour each benefit of the vitamins!

Vitamin E: Anti-Oxidant & Radiance

Vitamin B5: Hydrate & Tone

Vitamin C: Anti-Fatigue

Mark Carroll founder & co-CEO

At Kcal we believe that being “Healthy” should mean more than a calorie count. It should be about helping our community make better decisions, that fulfil inside and out. The partnership with Bourjois is the perfect embodiment of our disruptive spirit

The Bourjois Healthy Mix juice will be available in limited edition in all Kcal restaurants and online exclusively for one month starting April 2nd 2017.

With the special Bourjois x Kcal collaboration, get the chance to be one of the lucky winners! If you are part of the 50 winners, you have until end of April to redeem your special goodie bag showing your lucky coaster in Lifestyle at Mall of the Emirates, Dubai and embrace your Bourjois makeover!

For everyone outside the UAE, Kcal and Bourjois have created easy juice recipes for you to reproduce at home and get healthy in and out!

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation: AED 104

POS: Wojooh,, Lifestyle, MAX and Boots


Kcal Online delivery: 

Join Bourjois on:

Instagram: @BourjoisMiddleEast

Join Kcal on: 

Instagram: @TheKCalLife



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That Highlighter Though…

Makeup on fleek is my mantra this year. I’ve been doing makeup on myself for a while now and getting better at it every day.

I follow loads of makeup artist to learn those few tips and tricks and here’s what I learnt; Strobing and highlighting is here to stay, just like contour! Both these techniques go hand in hand. If you contour, you also highlight! If you have a shadow, there has to be light.

Imagine my excitement when I received this awesome Highlight and Contour palette, a pro one at that and from no less than Tarte cosmetics! This palette is a part of the spring launches at Sephora Middle East. That Highlighter though… ❤ ❤

Suddenly, I have this dying urgency to highlight my cheeks, the tip of my nose and my pout on an everyday basis. It definitely helps that I live in Dubai and it’s normal to have a full made up face every single day. I say this cause I thought that a full blown makeup is restricted to a night event or a date night! But here, I don’t feel out of place with a perfectly made up face – highlighter, lashes, the works!!

I’m addicted to this palette will be an understatement! I’ve been using this for almost a week now and am loving the effect!! The pigments of this palette are intense and in beautiful shades ranging from light to dark to suit your need!

There’s also a cream contour shade in this palette which works brilliantly!

Aren’t these shades just gorgeous? this palette is available exclusively at Sephora Stores in the Middle East and online at 

I would love to know your take on this palette! Do leave your comments below.

Until laters…


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Blow a Kiss For Mother’s Day

Bourjois has created an absolutely fab Lip Art Look with just 3 of their most favourite products!!

Blow a Kiss this Mother’s Day with this look. Bourjois has also shared an easy tutorial for this look.

Step 1: Lip Pencil

Step 2 : Rogue Edition Velvet Lipstick

Step 3: Bourjois Smokey Stories Eyeshadow

Final Look

3 Product Magic

You can work this look anytime!! Not limited to Mother’s Day alone! 🙂

Price UAE:

  • Lip liner #01 “Nude Wave” – AED 34
  • Rouge Edition Velvet “Nude-ist” #07 – AED 79
  • Smoky stories #10 “Welcome Black” – AED 81

POS: Wojooh,, Lifestyle, MAX and Boots

What do you think about this look? I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below to let me know your thoughts!!




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Super Fun Spring Camp From Splash ‘n’ Party

Being a mum, I’m always torn between the convenience of letting my little one watch his telly and or play on his ipad (IT GIVES ME SO MUCH TIME TO DO MY STUFF!!) or engage with him in fun activities.

While giving in to the temptation of keeping him busy with his ipad is super easy, I do have this overwhelming guilt of not exposing him to actual physical activities which are so good for him and for me!! I’ve grown up without any devices and I’m just fine!! I love the outdoors and the fun that I can have, the wonders that I can explore.

So this Spring Break, I decided to look for interesting and affordable options for Farhang to indulge in. Splash ‘ n ‘ Party seems like an interesting option, what with the series of activities they have rounded up for the kids and the sheer inclusion of the water / splash pad!! which kid doesn’t love water?

Here’s what they offer:

Priced at AED 499 per week per child, the Spring Camp will be running from March 26th to March 30 th , and then again from April 2 nd to April 6 th from 9.30 am to 2.30 pm.

This ‘splashtastic centre’, located in Jumeirah 1, has its own take on the traditional spring camp. The centre plans to keep kids occupied and entertained with over 12 activities.

Anjili Samtani-Radia, the Managing Director of Splash ‘n’ Party says, “Children seldom tend to spend their holidays indoors, immersed in their gadgets. The activities from Splash ‘n’ Party keep the kids active, stimulated and happy.”

The Springtime activities at Splash ‘n’ Party are:

o Yogalates

o Aqua Zumba

o Boot Camp

o Science Lab

o Musical Games

o Arts & crafts

o Cooking Activities

o Access to Splash Pad

o Access to Splash Sldes

o Bungee trampoline

o Stage Show & Performance

o Kids Meal

Splash ‘n’ Party is located in Villa no. 1, Street 8A, Al Safa 2, Jumeirah, Dubai. Opening times are 9am to 8pm every day of the week. For more information visit – .

Admission rates


Adults: Free*


Sunday – Thursday = AED 100

Friday – Saturday = AED 140

*1 Adult is Free for every 1 Child paying – Any Additional Adult will be charged AED 50.

Membership rates:

1 Month = AED 499

1 Year = AED 999

What is Splash ‘ n ‘ Party

Dubai’s latest aqua park, Splash ‘n’ Party is enthralling kids of all ages with its unique fun-filled array of water-based play activities. Splash ‘n’ Party features a sizeable vibrant outdoors splash pad area along with water slides and water guns – all designed to engage the young in enjoyable wet and wild, fun and games. Adding further to the excitement additional entertainment facilities can be found onsite along with arts and crafts activities for kids. Compiling with the highest safety regulations Splash ‘n’ Party caters to the entire family. Whilst grown-ups looking for some rest and relaxation can sit back and unwind at the juice bar with a refreshing made to order fruit juice, with a selection of plentiful fresh tasty snacks and light bites available to cater to little and large palates.

This sure sounds like fun to me!! Leave a comment below if you want to know anything more about this!



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Michael Kors is one of the most popular Luxury Brand which is also on point with seasons and trends!! I love how easily accessible these brands are for the Middle Eastern region.

Now the best part of the Michael Kors Mother’s Day campaign is that there are select bags which are exclusive for the Middle East!!

Check out these fab bags that can be perfect as a Mother’s Day Gift!

The MICHAEL Michael Kors Mother’s Day range are brought to life using unique three-dimensional paper showpieces, based around a graphical floral theme in pop and pastel colours.

Which one is your favourite?


I would love to know from you!! Leave your comments below and show me some loving!!




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Scotch And Soda… Actually Connecting…

What do you expect in a launch event from a fashion brand? a high profile fashion show with models working the ramp in fabulous clothes hand picked from the latest collection. And you being seated somewhere looking in awe at the gorgeous and almost perfect models, right?

That’s where Scotch and Soda made a huge impact on me. They truly connected with everyone who attended the event! The place was magical. The turn of events was unexpected and it was truly amazing!!

Scotch & Soda, Amsterdam’s much sought-after high fashion couture brand, launched its brand-new Spring/Summer 2017 collection in the UAE this month. Straying away from conventional fashion shows, PR & Marketing Manager Tehzeeb Huda decided to try out something different to promote the brand.


Scotch & Soda joined hands with well-reputed English restauranteur Leopold’s of London. “The two brands both have that beautifully rustic, European charm; one catering to fashion and the other to fine teas, coffees and café-style dining” said Tehzeeb, “but we wanted to take this one step further, and use real people as our models for showcasing the brand-new Scotch & Soda collection.”

What better way to showcase a brand-new fashion range than to reach out to the youth of today? Scotch & Soda worked with the students at Manipal University. With a great deal of help and support from Sabir Haque (Head of the School of Media & Communications), an audition was held on campus and 10 ‘models’ were selected to represent the brand.

Apart from the chosen models, 20-year-old Manipal University student Karan Hanj, a third-year student studying Media & Communications, worked as the official choreographer for Scotch & Soda, and put together a spectacular show for the media guests.

The guests were seated in the very scenic, brand new Leopold’s of London café in Riverland, Dubai Parks & Resorts. They sat alfresco, sipping on the choicest of teas and coffee and were taken by surprise when members of their table suddenly got into the groove of the music and stood up to showcase the Spring/Summer 2017 collection for Scotch & Soda.

The students added oomph and panache with their well-choreographed moves, and proudly showcased the Scotch & Soda Spring/Summer 2017 collection.

we were then treated to a fabulous multi course lunch at the amazing Leopold’s Restaurant. All in all, it was on of the best events that I’ve attended this year.

I’ll be posting some looks with their new collection very soon!!

Until Laters….

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Got It From Her!!!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. You got it from her, it’s time to give back!!!


Today I visited the Body Shop store in Dubai festival City. I love this mall. It feels nice and cosy and the vibe here is so relaxed!! Unlike other malls, people are not in a hurry to reach anywhere. They take their own sweet time browsing through shops and choosing their favourite stuff. This shows in the way the shop reps speak to you and treat you. I’ve never seen a frazzled shop rep in DFC. That’s why, I love to shop here.


Coming back to The Body Shop, The store has a huge facade of an entrance where they proudly display their heart of gold. Their tagline is; Enrich, Not Exploit. They live by this motto and hence their products are 100% vegetarian, cruelty free and not tested on poor animals. And trust me, these guys are proud of this and shout it out loud!!



So once you’re through admiring and taking in the motto story at the entrance, you’re greeted with this offer cart / wheel barrow which is full of buckets which in turn are full of hand cream tubes! all for AED 22 as of today. I love their hand creams. The tube size is just perfect to carry in a bag. These are an option if you’re running short on cash for a mother’s day gift.

The best part I liked about their Mother’s Day gifting options was the personalised body butter tubs! you can totally put your fav sticker on her tub of rich body butter which smells insane!!! Just ask for help and you shall get the most adorable little tubs of joy for your Mum!!


Then right in the centre of the entrance, is the station of Mother’s day gifts. The packaging and the thought behind putting the best products together is brilliant. They have individually packaged product boxes and pouches, like strawberry, coconut, and some more in small and smaller packages.


They also boast a fab, huge box of Spa’s of the world goodies. This one’s for AED 299 and is a sure hit. It’s a mommy thing. It’s got all that a Mommy would love to indulge in.


Then there is a separate section of face masks. an Insider tip here – MOMMIES LOVE FACE MASKS!!!

The masks cost AED 115 each. Buy one or two or all of them for your mum, she’ll love them, my guarantee!! Don’t forget to buy that fab face mask application brush to go in the bag. It’s totally adorb!!!


The Body Shop also has some gorgeous makeup and amazing makeup brushes!! Take some help from the lovely shop assistants to decide on the best product within your budget. They’re super helpful and not trying to get the most money out of you!!


My experience at this place was very pleasant. I keep going to The Body Shop very often for my Hand Cream tubes and my Face Masks. I will surely recommend that you visit this store for your Mother’s Day gifting solutions!



More on Mother’s Day gifts coming soon!



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