My Microblading Experience With PhiBrows.

I would rather be late and have perfect brows than be on time and have bad brows!!

I’ve once again started working full time and am always short on time!! If you know me, you would know that I hate stepping out of the house without any makeup. my liner has to be on fleek and my brows on point!!

So when I got an opportunity to review micro blading, I just couldn’t resist. Microblading is a new must have for perfect brows. It’s an art where the artist makes fine hair like strokes on your brows, with a blade. Then these strokes are filled with color which is of the highest quality so that it lasts for a very long time. The life span of microblading depends on the pigment that is used to fill in the strokes.

PhiBrows is a world renowned academy which has a pretty good name due to its highest standards in everything they do. Their artist is certified Dubai Municipality.

What exactly do they do at Phi Brows?

Microblading is a manual skill of semi-permanent eyebrow drawing. Shape of the eyebrows is calculated according to the golden intersection (Phi 1,618), face morphology and bones structure. Symmetry is achieved through PhiBrows application and it is measured while clients eyes are closed, because only then mimetic muscles that can affect eyebrows symmetry are relaxed. Strokes are always drawn in the direction of natural hair growth, and with the same color as natural is, to achieve hyper-realistic look.

Treatment is performed with disposable sterile tool and pigments are produced in accordance with the highest standards. After the treatment, color is around 30% darker and eyebrows are around 10% thicker. Correction is done one month after the initial treatment, because between 10-15% of drawn strokes disappear after the first treatment.

Your aftercare in a first 7 days makes 80% of the treatments success. Rinsing and applying cream is of great importance, and in these first 7 days you need to avoid sun, sauna, sweating, public water, and putting any type of makeup on the eyebrow area.
Color duration primarily depends on how oily the skin is. The oiler the skin, the shorter the color lasts. On average, expected time until a new color refreshment is between 8-15 months.

I got mine done from Jelena. She’s brilliant at microblading. I would suggest you ask for her. It’s microblading, so of course it hurts, but Jelena makes it a lot lighter than what it would actually feel like.

All in all, I would highly recommend this place for Microblading.

Have any of you guys done something like this? Any reviews? I would love to know!!

Until Later…

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These Bags Though…

There are times when you visit a store and cant stop drooling over some designs. Actually this happens a lot to me, on a lot of products too…

Thats besides the point though! Today is a special post for two specific bags from one single store that I just couldn’t stop myself from drooling on.

Isn’t this just the best thing you’ve ever seen? this is from the new collection at Charles and Keith!! Loving the color and texture of this bag!!

When I was eying this beauty, I saw the purple bag. super cute and perfect for a night out!!

I think this is super stylish!! I loved both of these bags equally.

What do you think about these? They are from the latest collection at Charles and Keith.

I would love to know your thoughts on the essential bags this season!

Until the next post…


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Aldo On My Mind!!!

You’re either born stylish, or you work hard on getting your style noticed. There are brands that are always there to help you achieve that style. Aldo is one of the most popular and super stylish High Street brand that’s always on trend. I don’t remember any time that I’ve visited Aldo and felt “I’ve seen this before”. Apart from being stylish, they’re also super affordable. I love to visit Aldo for style inspiration, always!!

Just FYI, Smaller bags are in again. And how cute is this yellow bag from Aldo?

Floral is trending all over the place. This clutch is top on my must have list from Aldo!!

These are some gorgeous rings that you could pair with this floral clutch.

End it with these flats to complete the look!

What do you think of this combination? I would love to hear your thoughts!!


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Good Looking Sneakers…

Sneakers are fast becoming a statement style rather than just something that you wear when exercising! That’s probably the only reason that I would end up buying those sneakers. You guys know how lazy I am!!

New Balance from apparel Group has some awesome looking sneakers that I’ve been eyeing to wear with my jeans to work. Here are a few that I like a lot. one of them is my favourite.

This grey one looks pretty good with a slight hint of shimmer.

This is the one which caught my attention. I would love to see some color on my feet. ūüôā

Black is always a safe color. Lets keep this one for exercising! When I get around to it!! lol!

This, I like, but again, a bit safe. I like some influx of color for my shoes. I’ve lived a corporate life for way too long with black shoes, almost always black. Time to get some color in my life!!

All these are available at the New Balance Stores across the country. All the shoes featured here are for AED 249. And from what I hear, these last for ever!!

I liked the second pair. Which one did you like? I would love to hear from you,


Until Laters…

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Insanity At Sugar Factory

I’m not a food blogger, so this may come as a surprise! I was asked to review a place called Sugar Factory. The first thought that popped to my head was, this might be a fab place to take my son to. The name was so appealing.

We ended up going to the Dubai Festival City branch of Sugar Factory. I like how there was candy everywhere in the front bit of the store.

Then I went inside to check the actual grown up decor and seating. I quite like how this place has a corner for everyone.

The wall graced with the celebs who have visited the place.

Now I was asked to review the insane milkshakes, but the aroma of sliders wafting in the grownup bit of the restaurant was totally making me hungry.

We ended up sitting surrounded by candy as Farhang was in the best place ever!! (his words, not mine)

We started off with a sampler platter. I changed the seafood to chicken and loved every bit of the food. The platter is priced at AED 95, and is enough to feed 3 people at least. Try the Buffalo Chicken Fingers and the Fried Mac and cheese. Out of this world!!

One heads up though, you cannot eat more than a single course there. you need to do atleast 3 to 4 trips to actually enjoy the menu and the freshness of the ingredients.

So the next was the Insane Milkshakes. One more heads up, no one can finish the whole glass on his own!! It’s insanely huge!!

This actually is Milkshakes taken to a whole new level of craziness. The glass in which the milkshake is served is huge and dipped in a thick layer of chocolate which is then cooled / frozen, after layering the outside with things like marshmallows, popcorn, rainbow sprinkles, M&M’s, bacon, waffles, etc. You name it, they probably got that too!

I couldn’t finish the milkshake, so please take some friends along to Sugar Factory.

on food, I will give them 4 out of 5

On decor 3.5

On the milkshakes, yeah 5!!

Did you find this post helpful? I would love to hear from you!

Until laters…

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Drool Worthy Sunnies From Grand Optics!

If you live in the UAE, Grand optics is not a new name for you!! I’ve been buying my sunnies from Grand Optics since the time I landed in this country.

They stock all possible brands, well all optics do, so whats diffrent about Grand Optics? Being a blogger, I do have access to the latest trends of the season and Grand Optics is one of the rare few places who stocks all possible trends of the year, fresh off the runway! That to the fashionistas of the region, is huge!

These are two of my favourites from the Summer 2017 designs!

Here’s a little about the Optical part of Grand Optics.

Grand Optics represents an extensive variety of luxury, designer, bridge and exclusive brands for clinical eyewear and sunglasses ‚Äď as well as a wide range¬†of¬†high quality ophthalmic lenses, with¬†comprehensive choice of coloured and tailor made contact lenses,¬†to fulfill every customers‚Äô needs. Grand Optics‚Äô strategy is to supply the finest selection of latest eyewear styles for its unique customer base in the GCC market, and cater to a distinct clientele seeking excellent products, services & after sales care.¬†The Grand Optics in-store experience is as unique as its product offer, delivering superior customer service unique to the Middle East market within the luxurious ambience of their showrooms.¬†Grand Optics delivers its promise of a new perspective and different vision, whilst providing customers with the latest trends in eyewear with every pair of glasses, sunglasses, contact and optical lenses.

Have you experienced the warm hospitality of Grand Optics? I would love to know of your experience.

Until Laters…

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Do You Know The Difference Between Real Soap And Beauty Bars?

I didn’t know the difference, a soap and beautybar to me is the same thing, right? Clearly it’s wrong (I’m writing a post about it, remember?)

There’s a reason why major manufacturing companies are using words like Beauty Bars, Moisturising Bars, Body Bars and the likes.

So the key story here is about Saponification. Saponification is the process which takes place by combining fats, oil and lye together resulting in soap and glycerin being formed. No other ingredients are needed to create soap, however other natural ingredients such as Shea butter and lavender oil can be added for extra skin moisturising benefits and to enhance the soap.

Manufacturers separate the most valuable ingredient, glycerin, which is made during the soap making process and either sell or keep it for more expensive products. Cheaper alternatives are then added to the soap instead like, foaming agents and chemical fragrances, which react the same way as glycerin. Therefore, when using a Beauty Bar daily, you are rubbing harsh chemicals over your skin, which are then absorbed into your body.

Most ‚Äėsoaps‚Äô on the market are made from synthetic detergent products, and therefore cannot legally label themselves as a soap product? Manufacturing companies use words like¬†Beauty Bars, Moisturising Bars, and Body Bars¬†as alternatives to using the word soap.

The Shower Tower SOAPENIR is made from 100% natural and organic Shea butter combined with lavender oil, making it the perfect product to feed your skin daily in the shower or the tub. Soothing your skin with nutrients and vitamins such as Vitamin E, The Shower Tower SOAPENIR, moisturises and softens your skin every time you use it.

Shaped as Dubai’s iconic building, The Burj Khalifa, The Shower Tower is the perfect SOAPENIR gift for visitors, guests and tourists visiting Dubai. The Shower Tower retails for AED 95 and can be ordered online by visiting or at outlets such as Love Shop Pray, O Concept Store and Dubai Loves.

This particular soap is so good looking that you may not want to use it. I would love to gift something like this when I go back home. You can’t get more ‘DUBAI’ than this!!


What do you think about this post? Would you be willing to change your loyalties to natural soaps like soapenir?

I would love to hear from you!

Until Laters…

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