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I love Dubai & it’s power to transform everything into a dazzling dream! I love everything that has some sense of ‘Oomph’ factor to it. From designs & styles in furniture to over the top fashion… from the boutique stores to beauty hideaways, if they ooze ‘Bling’, they find a way to this blog.

Everything that’s obscenely rich and expensive is sure to cross my path somewhere. If it’s intriguing enough, you’ll surely here about it.

Hoping that you like my posts & they prove to be aspiration enough…

6 Responses to About

  1. Ejaaz says:

    Love the way you write! Could carry on reading and reading. Loved the story on the Nakkash family. Have a look at http://www.idea-art.ae. A company started twenty years ago by a father, and where the son is now following the footsteps. Clash of designs, son and father having studied at different times, with different tools at their disposals (advanced technologies 3D max etc)…. Very interesting to understand the mind of royals that asked Mr Salah decorate their inteiors. Anyway, keep it up, have a great day. E.


  2. Lovely blog! I just nominated you for a blog award. Please check my latest post: http://thetezzyfiles.com/2015/01/19/sisterhood-of-the-world-bloggers-award/


  3. Susana says:

    Hi Kumjal, My name is Susana a team member of the Marketing Department at 7th Heaven formally known as Montagne Jeunesse.
    I´ve recently followed your blog & Social Channels and love your style, the content and great interaction you have with your followers. It would be great to have the opportunity to get your feedback on a new range of masks that have recently launched in the UAE.
    We also have an UAE Facebook Page which we launched last year. https://www.facebook.com/love7thheaven.uae
    Exclusive Mask Giveaway
    We’d love to offer your followers the opportunity to also try these new facemasks, so I’ve put aside a goodie bag – packed with 14 masks for your followers. We can host the giveaway on a private landing page and provide you with a hyperlink so that your followers just simply click the link on your blog and register for a chance to win.If you prefer to host the GW privately that´s fine, you can simply let us know the winner details and then we will courier out the prize on your behalf.
    Hope the above is of interest and I look forward to your response:)
    Kind regards,
    Susana Cabezuelo


  4. Nino anderson says:


    How are you? Hope you had a great day!

    I have been looking at the content of your site and I was wondering if I could send a review article to be published on your site? It will be an original piece of content unique to your site and not published in other website.

    It is an article that focus on “flowers” and it would contain a link from our client which is a flower shop that was based in Singapore and have branches in Hongkong and Dubai. Then we are happy to provide you 30SGD.

    We also have advertising campaign which is a “Sponsorship Review” wherein we will send flowers to you then you will write a review article for free.

    Have you decided which of the two option?

    Looking forward to hear from you.



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