OMG! You’re Blushing!!

Isn’t that the exact statement that you would like to hear? 90% of the times, I do my makeup to look decently put together at my work place. My work is extremely contradictory to the fab & glam life I lead on Instagram. All my heavy & made up looks are reserved for my evenings, friends, hubby, parties & weekends.

So usually, I aim for that glow from within kinda, no makeup, makeup look for an office day. my blush is never exactly how I like it to be plus it kinda wears off after an hour or so, dries my skin, yeah, even the cream blushes. Either they are super pigmented or super flaky. I’ve had experiences with rashes where I have applied a cream blush.

To be honest, I wouldn’t have been so kicked about these Pixi Beauty blushes had the name Pixi not been attached to them. Pixi is primarily known to be a skincare brand who then launched a makeup range which included all the goodness of skincare in the makeup products. Beat that!! Did you know that most of their make has vitamin E as an ingredient?

I’m obsessed with the makeup & skincare from Pixi Beauty. I converted with my first bottle of Glow Tonic & haven’t looked back since.

Coming back to the blushes, these are called On The Glow Blush. These are tinted balms with just the right amount of Pigment to give you that flushed look, the one that happens when your partner suggests something naughty, Exactly!! Now you know what I mean.

These blushes have all the goodness and hydration in them. The formula is loaded with Vitamins, Ginseng, Aloevera, Fruit Extracts to help with your skin health while making you look amazing. Best part about these, you don’t need any tools to apply these blushes. Just twist the stick, apply, dab with your fingers & done. You can re apply just before a meeting or stepping out. I apply the same shade to my lips as well to get a whole cohesive look.

The team at Pixi was kind enough to send me these 3 shades, I’m feeling super flushed!! 🙂

Juicy – with a warm orange undertone which gives you a nice bronzish summer look

Fluer – with a pale pink tone which is precisely the exact shade of flush that you need on your cheeks for a natural glow

Ruby – with Fuschia tones, slightly darker flushed cheeks.

I can’t choose, I love them all so much!! I have created a look with these which will go on my Instagram page soon.

Like all the other makeup and skincare I own, this one too has come from Sephora Middleeast.

Right now, it’s time to start working on the timing of my transitions for reels. Lot’s more reviews from Pixi coming your way soon!! Keep watching this page for more.


About Kunjal

I believe that Dubai runs on 2 parallel universes. I have 2 blogs catering to each sphere of these universes. My love for the Dubai 'BLING' & extravagance is the soul food for the DazzlemeDubai blog. Interiors & beauty constitute most of the posts on this blog if not all. Fashion adds the oomph quotient to this over the top, high end & luxury blog. The need for everyday necessities & best buys or new products on the aisles of supermarkets, drugstores & hypermarkets made me start the second blog - aisle101Dubai. This blog covers all the must haves for day to day living with exciting offers, first day sale previews and loads of information on the correct product within your budget. Like every blogger, I'm hoping that everyone enjoys reading both these blogs as much as i love writing them! Oh Yeah, The Disclaimer - The views are all mine on all my blogs, nothing to do with my employer!!
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