OCD Satiation Guaranteed! Champion Cleaners!

I have an On & Off kinda relationship with my OCD. There are times when I’m lazy AF and completely disregarding piles and piles of packages cluttering my room and my house and slowly getting into every open corner in my house.

And there are times when I have sleepless nights over a small ball point pen mark on the insides of my bag!

I’m taking baby steps at becoming a Domestic Diva. This does not in any way mean that I get down to cleaning every single thing on my own. I’m always on a lookout for professional help. The kinds where they take your instructions seriously and deliver to the T.

My hubby dearest, gave me an LV in the first year of my marriage. Obviously it’s one of my most priced possessions.  nOW i come from a place where Laundry or Laundromats are only for clothes. I would probably give the laundry guys my carpet at the most. But thats that. Pretty limited. But thats when I heard about Champion Cleaners. These guys are not your run of the mill laundry. They make your Bags and shoes, brand new.

I was a bit apprehensive, but at the same time, I had heard rave reviews about Champion Cleaners. So, one leap of faith and my LV was with them for a week.

I cannot emphasize enough the satisfaction at receiving the bag, as good as new. I’m totally sold at their abilities to clean your super precious stuff like bags and shoes.

Plus the process of getting your stuff done is very simple. They have an app which you need to download on your phone, share your location, schedule a pick up and that’s it!

They will collect almost anything that you need cleaned, from your doorstep, take it with them and deliver in a couple of days. Have you tried these guys before? My OCD was completely satiated. How was your experience? I would love to know.


About Kunjal

I believe that Dubai runs on 2 parallel universes. I have 2 blogs catering to each sphere of these universes. My love for the Dubai 'BLING' & extravagance is the soul food for the DazzlemeDubai blog. Interiors & beauty constitute most of the posts on this blog if not all. Fashion adds the oomph quotient to this over the top, high end & luxury blog. The need for everyday necessities & best buys or new products on the aisles of supermarkets, drugstores & hypermarkets made me start the second blog - aisle101Dubai. This blog covers all the must haves for day to day living with exciting offers, first day sale previews and loads of information on the correct product within your budget. Like every blogger, I'm hoping that everyone enjoys reading both these blogs as much as i love writing them! Oh Yeah, The Disclaimer - The views are all mine on all my blogs, nothing to do with my employer!!
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