Floored At Quattro!!

I may not be a food blogger but I am a true foodie at heart!! I love my food and am pretty much aware of what a dish is supposed to be. So technically speaking, I have an opinion and I feel I can be a damn good food critic!

Since I haven’t been to any molecular gastronomy kinda restaurant before, I was pretty sure that this whole molecular gastronomy is overrated, maybe the food doesn’t taste as good as the original version.

This is before I got invited to review Quattro. I was all super excited and happy and all possible half mad kinda vibes happening around my system!

Promptly at the pre decided time, I landed in the restaurant. Parking is pretty easily available near this place so that was a score.

The decor is what enchanted me. The darker Pastel colors and the huge tree in the middle of the restaurant was a shock! A pleasant one, I must add. The lights around and on the tree were brilliant!! I fell in love with the ambience of this place. Nice and cozy.


The menu was quite textured and good looking. So the excitement was building up. We started off with the mocktails;

A Watermelon Ice Tea – A nice smokey affair once the tea was poured (something to do with dry ice / nitrogen in the watermelon rocks, I guess?) Loved the whole experience.

Apple Basil cooler– It came in some sort of a chemistry lab beaker / glass/ container. Very intriguing and yum!!

Ginger Lemon Mojito – This was a real yum drink again with the whole drama of molecular gastronomy. I was quite enjoying this whole experience.

The starters though…. Mind blowing!!

I’m more of a mexican food lover so I ordered the Fresh Guacamole. The whole Guac on the spot scene ensued, but then came the twist with the addition of liquid nitrogen. The cool Guacamole was then scooped in the avocado skins. I missed the garlic bit in the Guacamole, but it was tasty nonetheless.

The starter called taquito is a must try at Quattro!! A refined mini cone of Taco filled with refried beans, placed atop Pico de gallo, in a shot glass and topped with avocado ice cream. One of the best mexican starters I’ve had in a long time!

Next was the Bruschetta, The bread was rustic and crispy topped with mozzarella, tomatoes, basil foam and balsamic caviar. The caviar pearls bursting in my mouth was an amazing experience.

Next was the Caprice Di Quattro, a beautiful dish served in soup spoons where the mozzarella is deconstructed and reconstructed as spheres. That was another amazing starter. I loved how fresh the pesto tasted in this dish.

The main courses here are your regular food without the drama, which was a tad bit disappointing for me. The pizza was great and the Ravioli was perfect, but, I missed the drama.


By now, we were like bursting at the seams. We were so full, but still were craving for dessert. Can’t help, we just love our desserts.

With a huge weight on our hearts we ordered the lightest of desserts. We were literally so full that we just couldn’t order the best dessert on the menu as it was very heavy. But oh boy, were we glad!! We ordered the Choco Chunk Fudge Brownie Cage for the little one and the Tiramisu for us. Both were out of the world, but that Tiramisu though… every element in a foam form and decadent. Can’t rave enough about this place.

One advice, if you’re looking for a fab experience, stick to the drink, starters and desserts and be prepared to be floored!!

I would give this place a 4.5 out of 5.

What do you think about this place? Have you been here? I would love to hear your reviews!

Until Laters…



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