Summer Essentials!

Hi there lovelies!!

How has the summer been treating you? As a rule, I hate the summer season purely cause my skin goes bonkers!! My make up melts in like 3 odd hours and I end up lugging almost half my makeup to office for touch ups before meetings!!

My skin has its own saga in summers! It actually has the damn nerve to go dry!! All that airconditioned comfort plays its role and succeeds. My T zone gets super oily and the rest of the face gets super dry. Too much to handle, considering that this will lead to my make up going berzerk! The answer – Healthy skin with minimal problems. Plus, a healthy looking skin is always the best thing you could wear!

What I noticed however is that we tend to use the same set of skincare products throughout the year, which is why the skin goes bonkers. Skin Care brands put in a lot of research to come up with season friendly skincare and beauty products. If all of us get our routines straight and be aware of the season change, we’ll end up looking as gorgeous as the models in ads.

This year, I’ve been all stocked up on the required ranges for the changing seasons.I’ll be putting together all my favourites for a fresh summer skin. Let’s start with face washes!!

I’m pretty much a fresh smell and light feel kinda person in summers. I hate it when the product is rich and heavy and feels that way in summer.

One of my all time favourites is the Hydro Boost Face cleanser from Neutrogena. I used it in winter and it did not dry my skin. I’m using it in summer cause it smells so fresh and is delightfully light in texture. I absolutely love this product!! Repeat purchase? Yes please!!

Another super pleasant face cleansing gel is the one from Neal’s Yard Remedies!! This one smells of rose, lime and cucumber. It’s refreshing beyond words & 100% organic. You can’t get more summery than this one! This blue bottle of delight is from their Deliciously Ella range. Neal’s Yard Remedies is one of the best when it comes to feel good and smell good products. You have to try it this summer!

The next one that I can’t get enough of is the Himalaya Herbal Pore Tightening Tangerine Face Wash. It’s always a dilemma – to lick it off or wash my face!! Honestly, it smells so yum! This one is a sure shot summer face wash. I absolutely love this product. Will I buy it again? Hell yeah!!

Now comes one of my most difficult to decide kinda brand!! I’m sure everyone who steps into Sephora faces the same problem!! The summer skincare products are so colorful and so delicious smelling, that I feel it’ll be injustice to the range if I choose just one. Here are 3 of my top favourites!! These are cream cleansers but they’re super light and feel great on the skin. They’re also affordable at AED 30 for a tube. I know right!!

This is a textured cream for gentle exfoliation and cleansing. It smells amazing. I had to try the charcoal one due to so much of hype online! I loved it and I’ll probably be one of the people to go on about the goodness of the Sephora Charcoal Cleansing Cream!

This Tea Tree cleanser is everything!! Gentle exfoliation and an amazingly fresh smell! Perfect for summer.

This was love at first sniff!! Am I in Love? oh yeah baby!! This one paired with the coconut water wipes and a lip balm in the same fragrance will be all that you need this summer. This is one of those stock up before they run out kinda products!!

There’s this one more foam cleanser that I came across this summer. The brand is called Melvita and it’s one of the very few brands that is certified organic and has a eco certificate. This is a new brand that I tried and loved. Refreshingly light and smells amazing. I’m all geared up to try loads of things from Melvita cause I loved the face wash!

Another new entrant in skin care is a brand called Dr. Neem. I tried their Aloe Neem Face Wash which is a light gel texture. It smells nice and fresh and doesn’t dry the skin after wash. This one has the goodness of Aloevera and Neem which makes it a staple cleansing product for Summer.

These are some of the best Face washes out there this summer! I’ve tried them all and love how fresh I feel after using these!

Which of these have you treated yourself to this summer? I would love to know your thoughts on this.

Until Laters…

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