Prep, Prime and Set!! Urban Decay Haul!

I’ve been taking my makeup game higher everyday, notch by notch. I keep looking for luxury products and Drugstore alternatives at the same time.

While drugstore makeup is really pocket friendly, the luxury range is long lasting most of the time. if you’re a working woman, like 99% of us in UAE are, you would be better off investing in the luxury range products, simply to transition effortlessly. I end up going to events almost every evening after work. Imagine my stress levels when I have to lug almost an entire bag of makeup with me to work so that I can redo the whole face before stepping out!! It was getting very tedious.

Now picture this, I get an Urban Decay primer for review from Sephora!! Then I get invited to visit the new Urban Decay store at City Walk where again I’m given another fab primer and a setting spray from the brand that I’ve loved for like ages!! Hell yeah!! I would love to try these!

My makeup artist friends rave about the 3 products that I’ve received to review. So I jump right in to start using these beauties!!

I started with the Optical illusion complexion primer. It’s got a light pink tint and is pretty soft and lightweight. almost velvety. It glides on to the skin and instantly, like it’s name suggests, builds like a veil onto your fine lines, pores and blemishes. It creates a blurred effect like an airbrush tool on your photo editing apps! No need to be an efficient and pro at photoshop now! Phew. It actually is pretty awesome. I quite loved it! priced at AED 149, it’s not as expensive as I thought it would be. Honestly, for the result, it’s totally worth it.

A few days later, I get my hands on the ‘Quick Fix’ The pre priming spray.

This is basically your ‘wake me up’ tool for the skin. It hydrates and brightens your skin. All the evidence from last nights escapades, gone in a snap. Use it post your cleansing routine for brighter and more radiant skin. I’ve started spraying this on before my optical illusion primer for flawless looking skin! At AED 127, this is pretty affordable and in my opinion, a must have!!

Now to get the makeup to stay put on my face. It’s summer already and makeup meltdown is inevitable! That’s where the All Nighter comes to your rescue!


My makeup stays on up to 10 odd hours cause that’s how long my days usually are. This Setting Spray called All Nighter is just wonderful! It promises to make your makeup stay put till 12 hours, looking like it’s just been applied. I’ve experienced this so I can swear by it! My husband asked me at 9:30 in the night if I was going for an event, is that why you did your make up so late?


It’s available for AED 127, again, it’s not that expensive considering how it works like magic.

All these are available at Sephora stores, Urban Decay stores and at Sephora online.

I would very gladly recommend all these 3 for the summers! I’m sure I’m gonna use this all year long.

What about you guys? Have you guys tried this? I would love to know!



About Kunjal

I believe that Dubai runs on 2 parallel universes. I have 2 blogs catering to each sphere of these universes. My love for the Dubai 'BLING' & extravagance is the soul food for the DazzlemeDubai blog. Interiors & beauty constitute most of the posts on this blog if not all. Fashion adds the oomph quotient to this over the top, high end & luxury blog. The need for everyday necessities & best buys or new products on the aisles of supermarkets, drugstores & hypermarkets made me start the second blog - aisle101Dubai. This blog covers all the must haves for day to day living with exciting offers, first day sale previews and loads of information on the correct product within your budget. Like every blogger, I'm hoping that everyone enjoys reading both these blogs as much as i love writing them! Oh Yeah, The Disclaimer - The views are all mine on all my blogs, nothing to do with my employer!!
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