The Game Changing Lock It Series From Kat Von D!!

I’ve always suffered with fading makeup within 3 odd hours into the day. I’ve learnt the hard way to use the absolute must haves in makeup to get a long lasting and flawless finish.


Where a lot of brands have makeup setting spray’s, my personal favourite right now, just after using it only for 3 days in a row, is the ‘Lock It’ series from Kat Von D!! This series is the ultimate game changer in the make up game!!

I’ve tried the setting powder and the Makeup Setting mist. I’m looking exactly how I was looking at 9 this morning!! It’s 7 in the evening now and I’m perfect! No wonder, even after a long day at work, I’m still typing away on my laptop, raving about these products!!

Kat’s revolutionary, new translucent loose powder formula lets you bake, set and perfect with a weightless formula that’s lighter than ever! With Micro-Blurring Technology and an instant soft-matte finish, you can lock in a flawless look with the new Kat Von D Lock-It Setting Powder and the fabulous brushes for a more precise finish.

This coveted, unstoppable formula locks in makeup for up to 24 hours and has a weightless micro-mist spray and sleek, eco-friendly bottle. The skin-friendly cucumber complex instantly refreshes the senses and soothes both oily and dry skin types while locking in your look for all-day–and night!

Another winner from this range is the Tattoo liner. I’ll be posting a separate review on that one cause it’s so gorgeous!

I’ve absolutely loved the products!! Next on my list is the Tattoo Foundation, It sounds really promising. I would love to try it out!

Have you guys tried it? I would love to know!!

Until Tomorrow…

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