Winter TLC Step 1…Cleansing, The Cleansers, Rated and Reviewed!!

Welcome back to the continuation of the CTM post! I’m super happy cause the winter has finally decided to grace us with it’s presence! At least the boots can now be shown the light of day! Time for some serious TLC for the skin as well. I love how all that extra care in winter leaves a soft sphugm sphugm skin on!!

My Holy Grail for awesome skin has always been CTM; Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing. I swear by this routine and keep scouting store after store for the best products to suit me. I covered the cleansing wipes last week in my post –

As promised, today I’ve picked out my Top 5 cleansers like micellar waters & cleansing milks or oils. If I’m not taking off my make up with wipes, which I usually end up doing if it’s too late in the night, then I have this fab cleansing routine which makes me feel awesome! My mum used to tell me to massage my face in light upward and outward strokes for a minute everyday. This apparently helps to keep the skin tight always and reduces the the wrinkle formation. I never paid heed when I should have and now I’m realizing the truth in her words. Oh Well!

I use this tip in my cleansing routine just cause I’m too lazy to actually do it separately!

Onagrine Micellar Water


Onagrine is a french brand which is botanical in nature and pretty much low on chemicals. Inspite of the mildness of the product, it’s cleansing action is great. The best part about this product is the pump action nozzle and the fact that this is a toner as well! How cool is that? It’s a no rinse formula which suits all skin types. Like I said, I’m pretty lazy in the evenings, so pumping out the micellar water from this bottle is so very convenient! It works brilliantly on the skin and feels great.

Smell – 3

Cleansing – 4

Convenience (nozzle & toner & no rinse!!!) -5


Neutrogena Hydro Boost Micellar Water


This is not a new brand on the shelves that I need to explain much about. Neutrogena has been rocking the aisles since years. Hydro Boost, however, is something that I’ve loved! The smell is divine, the product is great, what else could you ask for? The core ingredient of this product is Hyaluronic Acid. Simply put, hyaluronic acid has powerful anti-aging properties and it is also one of the premier hydrating ingredients for skin, even for oily or breakout-prone skin. Makeup removal with this product is super easy. The skin does feel hydrated after using this.

Smell – 5

Cleansing – 5

Convenience – 3


Nivea Micellar Water 3 in 1


Need I even try saying anything about Nivea? I’ve seen Nivea on the shelves since I could remember products on shelves! They’ve been a trusted brand since ages! I love this particular cleanser cause it’s super efficient and a 3 in 1. It’s a cleanser, toner and a moisturizer!! I’m lazy, remember? This is like godsend! The cleansing properties are great and the product is mild enough to work for all skin types.

Smell – 4

Cleansing – 4

Convenience (Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing!!!) – 5


Neal’s Yard Remedies – Soothing Star Flower Cleansing Milk


This is a proper old school cleansing milk which is wonderful on the skin! All NYR products smell lovely so there’s an immediate connection that you feel to that product. I love how this smells and how awesome it feels to gently massage this product into my skin. Wipe with cotton wool and the skin is squeaky clean! It’s got everything working for it, from the convenience to the smell to the packaging! A tad bit heavier than micellar water, but brilliant for normal to dry skin!

Smell – 5

Cleansing – 4

Convenience (nozzle) -4


Sephora Supreme Cleansing Oil


Nothing gives more satisfaction than the feeling of an actually clean skin. Oil is known to eliminate the pigments of the most stubborn of make up formula’s. My go to cleanser at one point in time was baby oil, till I found this! This product is so unbelievably that it has found a permanent spot on my vanity shelf! Gently massage this oil into the skin with fingertips before emulsifying with water. The only traces it leaves behind are a clear complexion and a soft skin with no oily film.

Smell – 4

Cleansing – 5

Convenience (nozzle & non sticky formula) – 5


I hope this post helps you to choose the best product for your skin!

Watch this post for more on CTM!

Until Laters Darlings….



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