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Being a woman with a credit card in a shopping mall is a very bad idea!!! I’m a woman possessed when it comes to skincare and beauty products! Surprisingly, Fashion is something that I’m still trying out for myself. Still trying to identify the ‘ME’ in outfits.

Clearly, being a blogger does mean that I’m super opinionated about everything, even Fashion!! Let’s keep my struggles with Fashion for another post.

Coming back to skincare and beauty products. Honestly, I’ve tried almost everything there is to try in skincare and makeup, but, the number of products being launched almost every week, is pretty hard to keep up with!

So I’ve been sifting through the world of internet for some honest to god reviews on some awesome products that are launched this year. I’ve also been looking at the ingredients that are contained in these products and their benefits to the skin. Here’s some of the products that I just can’t wait to get my hands on!

Nip+Fab’s Viper Venom Fix Range

Nip+Fab’s Viper Venom Fix Range is formulated with ingredients such as LIFTONIN®+SYN®-AKE, and other aesthetic polymers, these products can not only reduce the visible signs of aging but can also smoothen the surface of your skin and minimize the visual appearance of pores.

What is SYN®-AKE ?

SYN®-AKE is a small synthetic peptide that helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and laughter lines – fast. As our skin gets older so the number of expression and laughter lines increases, along with crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles. SYN®-AKE enables the face to relax, reducing wrinkles but without losing the ability to help people express themselves. It’s fast acting, long lasting and fully reversible.


I’m in love with these products in anticipation of the wonders they may do for my skin! Comfortably priced at approximately AED 159 each, NIP+FAB products are available at Spinney’s, Waitrose,, Basharacare and Beauty Solutions.

Grown Alchemist

This is an Australian brand with an International cult following! Made with 100% Natural ingredients.

The brand boasts of transformative natural ingredients such as Collagen and Elastin boosting actives, advanced Neuro-Peptides, Tetra-Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, Cell-Communicating actives, powerful Antioxidants and advanced hydrating actives which are compatible with human biology and have the ability to regenerate beauty with superior results.

I’ve heard amazing reviews about this brand. Can’t wait to get my hands on the Hand Cream for a start! These are available at Harvey Nichols & Bloomingdales.

Herra Protect Hair Perfume

Founded by James Davis, one of the top hair stylist in the UK, this hair perfume has been raved about for way too long for me to ignore it!

Herra is all-day protection for the hair. It shields the hair from pollution, the drying effects of air-conditioning, sun’s UV rays, and from other free radicals. It acts like an umbrella for the hair and allows the hair to build strength and hold onto condition and natural shine. The core benefit is all its protection elements, and the bonus is the signature fragrance it lends to your hair.


I happened to bump into someone with gorgeous smelling hair and the perfume turned out to be Herra! Again, a product which is available at Harvey Nichols and Bloomingdales, so it’s super convenient to buy!

There a re a lot more fab products that I can’t wait to get my hands on. Watch this space for more such product wish list. Have any of you tried these products? I would love to hear your views on these!


Until later my loves…

About Kunjal

I believe that Dubai runs on 2 parallel universes. I have 2 blogs catering to each sphere of these universes. My love for the Dubai 'BLING' & extravagance is the soul food for the DazzlemeDubai blog. Interiors & beauty constitute most of the posts on this blog if not all. Fashion adds the oomph quotient to this over the top, high end & luxury blog. The need for everyday necessities & best buys or new products on the aisles of supermarkets, drugstores & hypermarkets made me start the second blog - aisle101Dubai. This blog covers all the must haves for day to day living with exciting offers, first day sale previews and loads of information on the correct product within your budget. Like every blogger, I'm hoping that everyone enjoys reading both these blogs as much as i love writing them! Oh Yeah, The Disclaimer - The views are all mine on all my blogs, nothing to do with my employer!!
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