Totally Fab Face Masks – Izil Natural Argan Beauty

I’m loving these totally fab Face Masks from Izil Natural Argan Beauty! Ok, I do have a soft corner for Facemasks. I’m always collecting Facemasks and testing them on myself at least twice a week to actually rate a product. These ones from Izil fall in the ‘Totally Fab’ category.
The one I flipped over was the Golden Glow 2 in 1 Face Scrub + Face Mask. Made from the purest of honey, saffron & of course, the 100% pure Argan Oil that Izil is so famous for. This little jar smells awesome and feels great on the skin.

AED 140

AED 140

The second Face Mask that Izil has introduced is the Green Tea Antioxidant Face Mask. This little jar contains Green tea & white clay with the ever popular – 100% pure Argan Oil.

AED 140

AED 140

The Argan Oil in these Face Masks, keep the skin highly nourished and intensely hydrated.

Why do I love these? These little beauties leave a fabulous glow on your skin. Soft & Supple Skin Guaranteed!!!

Beauty Tip – Wash your face with warm water, pat dry & apply the face masks. Rinse off after 15 minutes. Glowing & beautiful skin in minutes!! Since the products used in these masks are all natural, you could use these even 3 times a week to get that rosy glow for Valentines.

Will I use these again? You bet I will!!

Have you tried? You must!! Like I said, They’re totally Fab!!


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I believe that Dubai runs on 2 parallel universes. I have 2 blogs catering to each sphere of these universes. My love for the Dubai 'BLING' & extravagance is the soul food for the DazzlemeDubai blog. Interiors & beauty constitute most of the posts on this blog if not all. Fashion adds the oomph quotient to this over the top, high end & luxury blog. The need for everyday necessities & best buys or new products on the aisles of supermarkets, drugstores & hypermarkets made me start the second blog - aisle101Dubai. This blog covers all the must haves for day to day living with exciting offers, first day sale previews and loads of information on the correct product within your budget. Like every blogger, I'm hoping that everyone enjoys reading both these blogs as much as i love writing them! Oh Yeah, The Disclaimer - The views are all mine on all my blogs, nothing to do with my employer!!
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6 Responses to Totally Fab Face Masks – Izil Natural Argan Beauty

  1. Lulwa says:

    Hi ‘ I bought one of your masks. . I very satisfied . I am coming to UAE this coming weekend so, please Inform me with your locations. To get your products.


    • Kunjal says:

      Hi Lulwa, I’m glad you like the products!! Izil Natural Argan beauty is available both in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Dubai – Dubai Festival City, Souq Madinat Jumeirah, Ibn Batuta Mall. Abu Dhabi – Al Wahda Mall, Dalma Mall. Happy Shopping in Dubai!!


  2. Sf says:

    where can I get it exactly


  3. Zareen says:

    i hv sensitive and acne prone skin t zone oily will this work for my skin


    • Kunjal says:

      Hi Zareen,

      These are masks which are completely natural and I have a oily t zone as well. I haven’t had any problem with these, however, i would suggest you visit Izil Natural Beauty and test the mask just under your skin. Wait for a day to see if there is a reaction, (I dont think there will be a reaction, but still).

      Hope this helps.



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