LUSH – Ditch The Bottle and Head for the Bar!!! Win The Bars!!

Ditch The Bottle and Head For The Bar!!! Lush has some delicious smelling Massage & Shampoo bars!!  They look gorgeous and smell like heaven.Deliciously Eco Friendly!!!

What makes these assorted massage and shampoo bars so amazing?

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics take pride in their innovation in hair and beauty care. For every one shampoo bar you use, you are saving three bottles of liquid shampoo going to landfill. The same goes for the massage bars and massage oil bottles.

One of the few brands with a conscience, Lush products come sans packaging, naked. The products are self preserving so do not need the support of a packaging to keep them fresh and smelling good.

The Shampoo Bars

Lush has introduced 6 brand new bars to an already successful collection.

Honey I Washed My Hair

Beehive, honey

A honey shampoo made with delicious toffee sweet scent, for soft and shiny hair with a little lift.


Honey I washed My Hair

Honey I washed My Hair


Sleepy head

A gentle shampoo with ground almonds to exfoliate the scalp, softening oats milk and lots of lavender (scented with Lush’s Twilight fragrance) to help send you off to the world of lullabies. Ideal for people washing their hair before bed.




Mane Carnival

Strengthen and condition hair with andiroba oil, from the Brazilian rainforest, and lift your mood with sunny orange oil.




Jason And the Argan Oil

Great hair is no myth

Argan oil-packed, Rose Jam-scented bar for stronger, shinier and softer hair. Ideal for those with lighter hair tones.


Jason and the argan oil



Head of all heads

Sicilian lemon oil, olives and rosemary shampoo for shiny hair. A really citrusy shampoo bar to leave the hair squeaky clean.




Perk up your hair

Perk up your hair with this mild shampoo, ideal for coloured locks. With coffee and melted henna (caca rouge) for shine.



I love the smell of coffee and usually have color in my hair so the Copperhead bar is an obvious favourite.


The Massage Bars

A wonderful alternative to massage oils, these gorgeous looking bars are filled with a concoction of the finest essential oils.


Percup massage bar

A rich and aromatic bar, loaded with caffeine and coffee beans to perk up your skin

This caffeine-fuelled massage bar is packed full of circulation boosting coffee beans, whilst coconut and jojoba oils help to hydrate and nourish the skin. Its rich coffee aroma is sure to stimulate your senses and leave you bright, alert and smelling amazing.



Pearl massage bar

Brimming with rose, argan oil and sago bubbles for a beautiful floral massage 

This sweet, floral and fruity smelling bar is made with an exquisite blend of ingredients for silky, heavenly skin. Antioxidant argan oil and calming rose work on aching muscles while sago bubbles gently massage the skin and help boost circulation.




Yes massage bar

A jasmine fragranced bar for soft and silky skin

Made with Lust, Lush’s dreamy jasmine fragrance. All the beautiful butters and oils in this bar give it its delicate perfume and leave your body feeling smooth and relaxed.



Shades of Earl Grey massage bar

Lose your inhibitions and whip skin into shape with this sophisticated lemon oil and earl grey massage bar

It’s no punishment to receive a massage with this bar. Submit to its sweet, sophisticated earl grey and citrus scent and revel in the richness of the melting butters as they relieve tension in your mind and body.

Shades of Earl Grey

Shades of Earl Grey

Dirty massage bar

Spearmint and chocolate for a massage that’s indulgent yet refreshing

Dirty, this massage bar is filled with cocoa powder and vegan dark chocolate with the popular spearmint and gorilla perfume of Lush.



I’m so confused for a selection in massage bars. Two of my favorite ingredients are in two separate bars. I’m yet to decide which one I love more, Dirty or Percup??? Hmm…. decisions, decisions….

Now here comes the best part about this post. Ditch the Bottle and Head for the Bar!!

3 UAE followers get a chance to win a massage bar and a shampoo bar from Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics.

What do you need to do?

  • Answer one simple question about Lush bars, on this post on the Facebook Page – What are the two ingredients in the Copperhead bar?
  • Like the DazzlemeDubai Facebook page
  • Share this post on your Facebook page.

This contest is open only to followers from UAE.


Happy winning!!!

















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  1. Marlene Pinto says:

    Coffee and Melted henna (caca rouge)


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