Oros – Luxury French Fragrances with Swarovski Elements

I was dating my husband for 13 years before we got married, so from the time that I’ve understood style and grooming and everything that’s supposed to make you look and feel beautiful, I’ve known that the first sense of beauty that hits you even before you see the actual person is the sense of smell. A perfume for me is a necessity and not a luxury. My 2 year old son insists on a perfume before leaving the house. This is the amount of influence.  The best fragrances that I’ve ever experienced are the ones that my husband has been wearing for years.

Over the years he has taught me all that I need to know about fragrances. I love perfumes and the feeling of beauty that goes with the rich and luxurious fragrance.

So I’m really excited about the 2 new fragrances from Oros, luxurious French Fragrances made with Swarovski Elements.

Oros Fleur – Eau De Parfum for Women. The top notes are fresh and fruity with Citrus interlaced with peach blossom and hints of strawberry and black currant. The heart composes of extravagant rose, mimosa and wild fruits infused with sensual absolute jasmine & ylang-ylang on the base of vanilla and musky notes.

Oros Fleur is an amazing luxury, a romantic and emotional escape to a summer garden captured in a bottle.

The best feature to hook you on first sight? The Bottle! This fragrance comes in an elegant rose gold and cream leather bottle. The bottle is packed in a gold and creamy outer box decorated with delicate pink rose portraying the feminine and delicate floral feel of the fragrance.

Oros-fleur 395 AED


Oros Limited Edition – Eau De Parfum for men, is offered in a highly elegant-chic bottle, with brown leather and handcrafted Swarovski elements.

Keeping the signature notes of Oros eau de toilette, the new fragrance Oros Limited Edition, is a fresh aromatic woody fragrance that brings out the beautiful memories of the first rain of the summer.

Vanilla scent with musky base notes, leaves a powdery-woody trail and add sensuality and persona to this unique fragrance. The fragrance opens with elegant, fresh citrus notes and leads into rich blends of earthy geranium and vetiver on the base of opulent vanilla and musky notes.


 Oros-Limited-Edition 395 AED

Oros Fleur and Oros Limited Edition are also encased in handcrafted bottles with a dozen crystals that connote persona and sophistication for each month throughout the year, while the Swarovski stud on the cap imparts opulence as crowning glory.

These are priced at AED 395 which is an average range for most luxury French fragrances. I love the heady mix of multiple notes of these fragrances and of course, love the bling on the bottles!

Have you tried these? Let me know your views.



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2 Responses to Oros – Luxury French Fragrances with Swarovski Elements

  1. Gorgeous bottles! And wow you dated your hubby for 13 years, how cute is that!


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