The Gold Connection – Stroili with Damas

1512921_Gold-plated metal bracelet with crystals


Damas as you all know is a leading luxury jewelry & watch retailer in the Middle East. With a large portfolio of renowned global luxury brands like Graff Diamonds, Paspely, Gerrard Roberto Coin and more to their credit, they very recently added another feather to their cap. Stroili is a foremost Italian jewelry brand which will only further enrich this city of ‘Gold’.

The event was an epitome of Glamour and Luxury befitting the latest collections of Stroili which was unveiled at this fashion event.

The collection is remarkable in its delicate blend of simplicity with style & sophisticated savoir faire.

The Incanto collection

Lavish jewelry, inspired by the romantic sensual mood of the Belle Époque, is the unrivaled star of the Incanto collection by Stroili.

This period in history is remembered for the splendor of Paris, euphoric and sophisticated, and the jewelry recreates the ethereal vaporous style that pervaded the most elegant boudoirs of the Twenties.

Shapes are ethereal and romantic, giving anyone who wears them an ultra-feminine charm.

1602884_Rosé bronze choker  1602881_Rosé bronze drop earrings

1602875_Rosé bronze bracelet

The Kalahari Collection


The most beautiful jewelry rises out of the desert sands, an ocher expanse lit by the sun, stretching as far as the eye can see, dunes bathed in light.

Now the unique magic of the desert has been captured in jewelry: colors and texture merge into one emotion in the Kalahari collection by Stroili.

Kalahari: inspired by the famous southern African desert, the rounded shapes of the jewellery are enhanced by lines in brass and rhodium-plated, gold-plated and pink gold-plated bronze. This design conjures up images of the lightness and embrace of a dune and sparkles with bright crystals.

1602936_Rhodium-plated metal choker with crystals


1602928_Rhodium-plated metal bracelet with crystals  1602939_Rhodium-plated metal drop earrings with crystals


1602925_Rhodium-plated metal ring with crystals

New Moon Collection

The New Moon collection by Stroili is inspired by the mystical and stirring figure of the moon and evolves into new shapes that celebrate the writhing reptile’s silhouette, worshiped since ancient times for its enigmatic nature: this symbol undergoes a transformation in the brand’s jewelry through solids and voids, light and shade.

The New Moon collection proposes its characteristic embracing, swirling shapes with their sanded and scratched surface effect, sparkling with rows of crystals.


1512948_Gold-plated metal ring with crystals

1512934_Gold-plated metal earrings with crystals

The Evanescence Collection

The light jewelry in the Evanescence collection by Stroili, with its modern and deliberately elaborate design, interprets reality using geometric mechanisms with plenty of shine and surprising volumes, a new take on sophistication. The collection showcases new colors, focusing on two-tone contrasts whose charm is hard to resist: geometric shapes in pink gold-plated metal sheet with rhodium-plated diamond-studded crisscrossing wires create eye-catching woven, shining effects which enhance the geometric designs.

1509978_Gold-plated bronze choker 45 cm

1509976_Gold-plated bronze bracelet

1509980_Gold-plated bronze earrings

Innocence Collection


This collection is a creativity of Kaleidoscopic weaves which create the aura of elegance & sophistication. The jewelry features rhythmic  weaves in rose, silver & gold shades.

1512588_Gold-plated silver choker with crystals  1512584_Gold-plated silver ring with crystals

1512590_Gold-plated silver earrings with crystals


The Desire Collection

Beautifully light jewelry with a very feminine feel to it. It’s collection of butterflies & hearts are sure to make a woman’s heart  flutter. This collection is dainty & fr  agile.

butterfly RM Choker  Gold Heart Choker

My personal favorites are the Incanto & the New Moon collections. I love the bold & solid designs with my all time favorite stone studding on the pieces.

The new Stroili collection can be found at the dedicated Stroili kiosks in Marina Mall, Deira City Center and Deerfield Mall, and at the Stroili stores at the Mushrif Mall and Sharjah City Centre.

Until the next connection…

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